We are dog people. Pure and simple.

Reale Dog Training is an entirely positive-reinforcement based dog training team based out of Gahanna, Ohio. You won't find shock collars here! Instead, we utilize clicker training and science based techniques to help your dog with behaviors such as basic obedience, aggression, and anxiety. Everyone on our team is connected through a shared love of dogs. This is much more than a profession to us. It's an opportunity to do what we love every day!

Phil Reale, KPA CTP

Phil is a Certified Training Partner from the Karen Pryor Academy. He started his dog training career in 2006 while volunteering at The Ohio State University’s Puppy Kindergarten class. He continued to learn at OSU while shadowing their animal behaviorist.

Phil created a puppy class at the Animal Care Center at Cherry Way in 2010. He has been leading basic obedience classes at the Animal Care Center since January 2017 and has since expanded to board and train and adolescent class.

Phil has been helping owners train and manage dogs with separation anxiety, inter-pet aggression, leash reactivity, basic obedience and fear related behavior conditions. He is passionate about improving the quality of life for the pet and owner.

Sarah Sams

Sarah is a Columbus native and loves dogs to the extreme. Dogs have a natural instinct to seek her out. It is as if they know communication will ensue as soon as they smell her. She loves to train dogs because she knows how much more intense the human-animal bond is once there is understanding between the two species.

Sarah also works in the kennel at Animal Care Center at Cherry Way. All dogs in the board and train program are under her supervision. Sarah has been working with animals since she was seventeen and she began to train dogs in 2018.

Leah DeShon

Leah put her lifelong interest and passion for animals to use when she began walking dogs in 2014 with Wag! After a year of walking dogs and enriching their lives, she knew this was only the beginning. She enrolled at Animal Behavior College in their dog training program. During the program she began volunteering at the Franklin County Animal Shelter, and adopted her gorgeous dog Rayna. Rayna was a stray with fear aggression, and sparked an interest in her to learn all she could about aggression in dogs. Connecting with and teaching her own dog was rewarding and challenging, and she knows how beneficial it will be to help other dogs and owners with similar challenges.

In 2018, Leah started at Topdog Daycare and Boarding. In 2019, she began working at The Animal Care Center at Cherry Way. Later that year she began working with Phil and Sarah. Shadowing Phil and assisting in puppy class has been rewarding and educational, and now as a full-time trainer she is living out her mission to help dogs and humans live the best lives they can together.


Ava Lynn Miller was chosen by Phil to be his partner for his Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) certification. She was eight years old at the time. As part of her certification, Ava and Phil performed a proficient ten part chain of behaviors. Ava successfully completed her chain and learned many more behaviors along the way. She is now a certified Karen Pryor Academy canine.

Ava came from a puppy mill in Missouri and bounced around several homes before making her way to her forever mom, Samanntha. She is an extremely food motivated dog, always wanting to please. Ava loves to play in creeks and loves to celebrate when her humans come through the door. She loves to follow her toddler sister around in hopes of cleaning up any food that may have fallen. Ava's proudest accomplishment is a tie between graduating KPA and jumping onto a 6 foot table to eat an entire happy meal. You would not know it but this springy girl is nine years old. With Phil's ability to speak the language dogs do, and Ava's willingness to learn, they were a perfect team.


As a puppy, Beamer was described as unruly and aggressive and went through 5 different dog trainers who advised that the best solution may be to humanely euthanize. Difficult cases such as this often end unfortunately. Luckily for Beamer, he encountered Reale Dog Training at just the right time.

In 2019, the team took on this challenge and gave Beamer a new chance at a happy life. By combating his underlying anxiety, Beamer was able to grow into a more confident and happy dog. Once Beamer went through training and began proper medications, his behavioral concerns lessened and his basic obedience improved. Phil and Sarah ended up adopting Beamer into his forever home where he now enjoys long hikes, belly scratches and helping other troubled doggies during in home training.

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