The only positive reinforcement Board & Train program in Columbus!

It's not easy to be away from your dog but sometimes your schedule just doesn't work out to put in the time needed for effective training. We use only positive reinforcement with your dog. This includes clicker training most often. Your dog will stay at Animal Care Center at Cherry Way in Gahanna for their training. Complimentary house visits are included to go over cues learned and train you how to train your dog!

During Board & Train, almost any behavior can be addressed so it is not limited to basic obedience skills. Many dogs go through this program that have significant behavioral issues such as reactivity or resource guarding.

Available in 5-day, 10-day or 15-day options.
Let's discuss what option would work best for your situation!


  • 5 days - $995
  • 10 days - $1,495
  • 15 days - $1,995
  • Each program comes with in-home follow up visits where we show you how to work with your dog.
  • Payment is made through the veterinary clinic, Animal Care Center at Cherry Way.
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