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Below are some stories of dogs that we have had the pleasure to work with!

Meet Luke

Luke was an eight month old Yellow Labrador that was fear aggressive for nail trims. He would growl, snap and show his teeth to the staff. Phil worked about a half dozen sessions to desensitize and counter-condition Luke's undesirable behavior. Luke is now able to come to the veterinary office and have all of his nails trimmed in about 15 minutes with no stress.

Meet Will

We first met Will when he was around one year old. He came to our Board & Train program through the rescue he was with, RESCUEDohio. We worked with Will for 10 days on leash walking and basic manners. He was initially a very wild, excitable boy! He continued to board with us until he found a foster home, and then a forever home. We did additional training in his new home where he is thriving!

Meet Gus

Gus, from Rescued Ohio, (a non-profit dog rescue) came to the Board and Train program after jumping up so excitedly that he head bunted his foster and the poor human needed stitches on his lip. Gus came into the facility pulling the person who transported him across the lobby. After ten days in the program, Gus was able to walk appropriately on the leash and no longer jumped up and caused people to need stitches. He was adopted out quickly after that!

Meet Knox

Knox is an almost two year old Goldendoodle. He completed our 10 day Board & Train program for primarily come when called. Knox had a history of door dashing and jumping the fence in his backyard. He would take off down the street and it became difficult for his owner to get him back. They had a goal of getting him to the point where they could trust him to be off leash at their lake house. Knox finally got the chance to show off his skills at the cabin when he darted out the door and his mom used his recall cue. Knox was headed straight for the busy road out front but as soon as he heard his mom, he immediately stopped and ran back to her.

Meet Sawyer

Sawyer is a strong young dog that opened doors on his own and would pull his owner around on walks. He also had issues with jumping up on new people. Sawyer spent five days in the Board and Train program and now sits at doors, waiting for his owners go ahead and does not pull on walks.

Meet Walter

Walter is a rescue dog that was so terrified of the veterinary office he is unable to be seen without complete sedation. After numerous happy visits and a bunch of work from his wonderful people and Phil he was able to come for sedation without distress, have a full veterinary exam done, receive vaccines and have his blood taken. Without a behavior modification plan in place, Walter would have not received proper preventive care.

Meet Onna

Onna is an almost two year old Husky mix. She was very reactive to dogs walking past her home. She was trained to come when called during her five day Board and Train stay. With some practice from her very patient parents, and Phil's behavior modification plan, she now sees a dog come past her home and her response is to come back to her owners and sit. Soon people will love walking past Onna's home and admiring her beautiful eyes.

Meet Dakota

Dakota is a one year old Texas Heeler. We first met Dakota when he was around 10 weeks old. Dakota came to our puppy class in March 2020, and then COVID hit! Dakota, like many other dogs, became a quarantine puppy. Although Dakota has a very dedicated and wonderful dog mom, the effects of quarantine still made an impact on him. Dakota began exhibiting signs of fear towards unknown people and dogs, cars driving by and veterinary visits. He got to the point where he was no longer able to attend doggie daycare. We began doing in-home training with Dakota and after several visits his fear and reactivity have greatly decreased and he has been brought back into daycare with no further issues!

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